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1st-Mar-2006 03:42 pm - counting, counting, counting.....
Oooooh my..... 1.5 hours... argh!

Mel, where are you?

Simone, did you like your birthday gifts?

Timmy, did you decide on the Charmed Convention?
12th-Feb-2006 12:05 pm
I've put my back out. I'm in fucking agony. See you in a few days I suppose.

p.s craig put a deposit on pojo #4 yesterday. We got her for 3600 with a years warranty, full service and 12 months MoT. Happy.
4th-Dec-2005 01:09 am
New journal. I'm leaving foreverunamused as-is. :-D

Friends-Only as usual. If you are sick and twisted and want to read about what goes on in fiona-world. Comment.
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